THe surprisiNgly Easy and totally legit Way You can SAVE up to 40% when buying a diamond

TWO DIAMONDS LOOKING EXACTLY THE SAME – One is twice as expensive as the other

The two diamonds above look almost exactly the same. In fact, you probably couldn’t tell a difference between the two, when looking at them with the naked eye. Yet, the one on the right is a staggering $5,400 more expensive than the one on the right ($2625).

Your goal is to get a diamond like the one on the right. And that’s not as difficult as you might think. You’ll only need two things: 1) You need to know which diamond parameters to choose – also referred to as the 4Cs, and 2) you’ll need high definition videos and pictures (such as on James Allen or Blue Nile).

A regular jeweler in a brick and mortar store won’t tell you the secrets I’m about to tell you. For two reasons: 1) They might not know how to save the most when buying a diamond, or 2) they might not want you to know to earn more money and take advantage of people who are not familiar with diamonds.

In the following, I’ll explain, how exactly to get the best price possible when purchasing a diamond for an engagement ring.



Diamond Cheat sheet

Go to the James Allen website (or any other diamond website you like). As you can see there are several settings you can manipulate. In this cheat sheet we focus on the round cut diamond. In the following I’ll reveal which diamond settings you should choose to get the highest quality diamond for the lowest price. Specifically, I will discuss color grades, cut, carat and clarity grades.

2. Choose the right diamond color

When it comes to the diamond’s color you can save big. The secret is to never choose a color grade better than G. That’s because you won’t see a visual difference to a higher graded diamond. The only difference you will find is the money left in your pocket!

Only when a diamond is 2 carats or above you might want to consider buying a higher color grade because the larger the diamond the more color they trap and exhibit.

You can go even lower with the color grade if you choose a golden ring band instead of silver or platinum. The reason is that a yellow band sucks a lot of the color and you won’t see a difference!

3. Choose the right diamond clarity grade

When you look at the clarity grade your main objective is to get a diamond that is eye-clean. That means there are no visible inclusions with the naked eye.

In general, I recommend the following color grades (except asher and emerald cut diamonds):

VS 1, VS2, SI1, and SI2. All these clarity grades can still be eye clean and thus not distract from your diamond’s beauty.

A little trick on the side: If you want to get the very best value for your money to choose one of the lower grades like SI1 and SI2. Utilize James Allen’s 360-degree high-resolution pictures and videos to detect where the inclusions are located.

5. Choose the right diamond Cut

Cut is king. So unfortynatley, there is no money to save here. I strongly adivse you to choose a high clarity grade. A low clarity grade will affect your diamonds overall beauty.

4. Pick the right diamond carat weight

Here’s another great tip on how you can save money when buying a diamond!

Jewelers consider some diamond weights as “magical.” These are the ½ carat, ¾ carat and the 1-carat diamonds. The naked eye cannot see any difference between a full-carat diamond and a 0.99-carat diamond, but the difference can certainly be felt in the pocketbook!

To get the most from your money it is suggested that you “buy shy” by choosing a diamond that weighs slightly below ½ or 1 carat. For example, rather than a full-carat diamond with 100 points, you might want to select a 0.95 diamond carat weight. This will save you quite a bit of money and no one will ever notice the difference.

You can see what I’m talking about in the graphic below, where you’ll see how the prices for a diamond jump at the “magical carat weight” milestones.

How much are diamonds worth


If you would like to see what different carat weights lookCarat Size Simulator like on a finger in terms of size, I highly recommend to try out this ring simulator (just click on the picture and it will take you to the ring similator).


Last but not least a couple of fun facts!

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