how to get the biggest bang for your BUck when looking for a diamond engagement ring

Looking for a diamond for the first (and hopefully last) time can be overwhelming. The choice of diamonds seems endless and the huge price differences between seemingly similar diamonds is confusing.

What many diamond vendors won’t tell you (especially the brick and motar stores) is that small differences in clarity and color grades can make a huge difference in the price. And it’s those differences that you wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eye anyway. So why pay a premium price for something you can’t even see?

In my free time I’ve helped hundreds of people so far, finding high quality diamonds without the premium price tag. I’d like to help more people, hence I created this blog. My advice is completely honest and free.

Learn about the diamond 4Cs

1.5 carat H color diamond on yellow gold ring setting

1. Diamond Cut

Cut is king when it comes to diamonds. I give you the best advice on which cut to go for!

2. Diamond Weight

Should you go for 1 karat or 0.5 karat? How can I make a small diamond look bigger? Learn more here.

3. Diamond Color

Learn all about the best diamond color and the color grading scale, which ranges from D to Z.

4. Diamond Clarity

Learn how to get a sparkling diamond that will make your girlfriend melt away.

Free Diamond Consultation

If you have a question about a particular diamond or about a ring setting feel free to shoot me a message. I usually reply within less than 24h. I’d be more than happy to share my expertise on diamonds with you. My advice is…and always will be free 😉

How to Get the Best Value for your Money

Best Diamond Advice

Did you know that you can save a lot of money with the right color grade for your diamond? If your diamond is smaller than 2karat I advice to never go higher than grade G!

Expert tips

Many of my friends studied at GIA in Carsldbad, California and now work for the most prestigious diamond grading authority in the world. I share their expert advice with you.